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  • Nate Kellogg

Hot Hot Pentecost

Dear Trinity,

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost or “Hot hot Pentecost” for those with kids in Godly Play who demand we call it that. Pentecost is the magnificent day in the church calendar where we recall the day the Holy Spirit descended on the followers of Jesus in the upper room, take some time before Sunday to read the account in Acts 2:1-47 – yes the whole chapter! There are so many incredible details and links in this passage that point us all over the Bible but ultimately lead us right back to Jesus. Remember the tower of Babel? When God confused languages so that they would not be able to unify against Him? This day is a reversal of that confusion where all languages were reconciled to hear one message: Jesus is king and all who call on His name will be saved.

So, the Spirit comes and empowers His people, for what purpose? So that they may be witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). As Americans we can easily individualize the Holy Spirit, He gives us strength, comfort, conviction etc. which are all true, but the Spirit in the book of Acts empowers the church for mission. The Spirit’s gifts encourage us to look beyond our nose in ever widening circles to bear the name of Jesus to every tribe, nation and TONGUE.

This Sunday we are going to celebrate and pray for the empowerment of the Spirit in us so that we may turn outward to our neighbors and our world. Along that vein we are excited to have Olga and the Bukovtsov familyjoin us this Sunday where they will share some of their perspectives on the war, some updates from Olga’s brother who is a pastor in Ukraine and is still there serving and loving his flock, and some practical ways we can help. We pray that the Spirit will rest on each one of us so that the Nations may be blessed. After 2nd service we will enjoy a mini feast at Methow Park where Olga and the Bukovtsov family will also join us for conversation and some time of prayer for them and their Ukrainian community.

See you Sunday!


PS. Talent/No Talent Night Postponed

We have yet to receive any formal signups for the Talent/No Talent evening so this week we had the idea to rebrand and move the timing and location (that’s also a great business plan I heard). So, drum roll please… we will be hosting a Trinity Showcase at Family Camp in August. So don’t put away your ideas for skits, musical solos and duets, juggling routines or spoken word recitations. Instead, perfect them! More details to come in following weeks.

PPS. In case you were worried, our next church family event is a BBQ (grillout for you southerners) at Walla Walla Park Sunday July 17th after church.


Scripture: 1 Samuel 23-24 Book: Chapter 7: Wilderness - David at En-Gedi Preacher: David Diehl

David is hiding in the wilderness throughout these 2 chapters. The wilderness is a powerful theme throughout scripture. You of course know about Israel in the wilderness for 40 years and Jesus 40 days in the wilderness. Then there is Elijah and Jacob in the wilderness and others. Clearly wilderness helps us to see and connect with God. But there is another kind of wilderness we need to enter and recognize to clearly connect with Jesus and that is the wilderness of emptiness; of meaningless lives; of following other idols and coming to the dead ends to which they lead in order to come into the light; in order to know the true king.

Service Times: 8:30 and 9:45


Evensong Rummage and Plant Sale Fundraiser June 11 @ 8am-2pm

The Evensong pilgrimage girls are holding a yard sale, Saturday, June 11th from 8-2, in the church parking lot. This is the girls' last fundraising event! If you would like to donate items to be sold, please bring them to the church on Friday, June 10th from 4-6pm. The girls will be selling household items, clothes, and flowers/vegetables that they have grown from seed. Thank you for supporting their efforts! Contact Leah Dillman at (442) 226-0294 or Stephanie Stuber at (509) 833-0844 with questions.


Upcoming Newcomers Dinner June 17 @ 5:30pm

If you are new to our church in the last year, and haven't attended one of our newcomers dinners, we'd love to meet you and share stories around a dinner table at a host home in our parish. Come meet other newcomers as well as one of our pastors and staff members, and find out how you can take the next step in your path to belonging at Trinity Church. This one will be kid friendly, so feel free to bring your whole family!


Volunteer Appreciation Dinner July 6 @ 6pm

If you have volunteered on a ministry team this past year, we'd love to spend the evening together celebrating all that God did in and through us this past year! On Wednesday, July 6th @ 6pm, we are hosting a dinner at the MERCANTILE downtown for all our volunteers at Trinity. We want to show our appreciation for you, hear some stories from the past year, and cast vision for being Christ's body this next season, working together for the flourishing of our city. We look forward to seeing you!


Key Info for Church this Spring

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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