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  • Julia Barger

Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week is upon us! We are in the final stretch toward what Godly Play calls "the Second Great Mystery" when Jesus conquered sin and death by dying on a cross and rising from the dead. This week there are many ways to make the journey to the cross (and the empty tomb!). Some of these might be hard with littles so I am linking some resources to celebrate Holy Week at home. Our hope is that you will be with us as much as possible throughout the week. Remember, Easter is not a day but a season! We have 50 whole days to celebrate the Resurrected Christ walking among us (can't you just taste the donuts?!!). And then comes Pentecost - the arrival of the promised Holy Spirit!

  • Holy Week with your family - from foot washing to seder meal prep lots of great Holy Week ideas here!

  • The Resurrection - a collection - Seeds Family Worship on Spotify.

  • Resurrection Cookies - These are a fun and edible activity to make the night before Easter.

  • Eastertide - an explanation of the 50 days of Easter with prayers and readings.

  • Family Eastertide - weekly devotions for Eastertide written for last year (a few references to Covid-19)

And a few other ideas:

  • Good Friday - Black table decorations and clothes, Find a dark place at noon to sit together and talk about disappointments. Pray for God’s comfort and hope.

  • Holy Saturday - remember loved ones who are in the grave, visit a cemetery. Hike to a cave (Saddle Rock). Read a story about people who have had to hide (The Hiding Place).

  • Easter Sunday - Celebrate! He is Risen, He is Risen indeed! Church, picnics, adventures, surprises, mysteries, flowers, the color white!

- Julia

PS. Here's the prayer Carson mentioned in his sermon to pray during Holy Week: "Almighty God, whose most dear Son 
went not up to joy but first he suffered pain, 
and entered not into glory before he was crucified: 

mercifully grant that we, 
walking in the way of the cross, 
may find it none other than the way of life and peace, 

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen." Father Matt wanted to share a resource from AXIS for all parents of teens. Their weekly email called “The Culture Translator” translates pop culture to help parents and caring adults understand and disciple their teenagers. From Matt: I get this weekly email from AXIS and I believe parents at our church would really appreciate the Christian perspective and questions, not to mention the way AXIS teaches me things I didn't even know were happening, but all our kids do!


Good Friday

Stations of the Cross with Father Matt opens at 5:30pm

A good way to prepare your heart for the Good Friday service is to come a little bit early and walk the stations of the cross outside the church. We wanted to provide a meditative space for you to enter into Jesus' passion (passion means suffering in Latin). Pastor Matt will greet you and help guide your meditative walk with a few questions to consider.

About Our Good Friday Service

This year on Good Friday, we will continue our traditional service of the stripping of the Christmas Tree, and turning it into a barren cross. During our service, you'll get the opportunity to cut off a branch of the Christmas Tree as you "cut off" something in your life that is hindering you from connection with the Lord.


Easter Sunday Service and Feast

10 am at the Whitson's Vineyard

We invite you to join us this Easter at 10am to celebrate the Risen Son!

This day is the high point of the church calendar, the pivot around which the rest of the year turns. It's when we celebrate the mystery of when the new creation begins - in Christ's resurrected body, and now for our bodies! 10:00am - 11:30am // Easter Service At Wes & Rachel Whitson's property (4540 Kelly Road, Monitor, WA)

  • Outside

  • Bring a flower for the cross

  • Bring your own chair/blanket

11:30am - 1:30pm // Easter Feast At Whitson's

  • Lunch provided for everyone outside

  • Please BRING:

    • Salad (fruit, garden, or potato)

    • Optional: Small Dessert

    • Easter Basket for Egg Hunt


Holy Week

April 15 Good Friday & Stations of Cross // 7pm Apr 15-17 Centering Prayer Vigil // (various) April 17 Easter Service & Feast // 10am April 24 Goats & Mines Family Event // 2:30pm


Goats and Mines Family Event

Please Note the Date Change

Monte and Penny invite the church family to pet their newborn baby goats! The goats have not yet been born so the date of this event is being pushed out until April 24th at 2:30.

For those who wish, Monte will lead a hike up to view some mines on his property. What a fun adventure!

This will be a family friendly event with limited capacity. RSVPs are required.


Godly play is taking a two week break to allow the kids to be a part of the church's celebration of Palm Sunday and Easter. We're excited to celebrate Holy Week together as a church family.


Save the Date:

Family Camp Aug 12-14

Couple of notes about Family Camp for those that have never been (or who went to our modified, 1 day version last year):

  1. It's overnight (Friday night, Saturday night).

  2. There are cabins to stay in (also can bring your own RV or tent if you wish)

  3. Price TBD per person / per family

  4. It's not just for families with kids, but for our ENTIRE church family!

  5. It's gonna be really FUN: a mixture of outdoors, teaching, meals, worship, and play :)


Key Info for Church this Spring

Our services are at 8:30am and 9:45am.

- Live stream our 9:45am services HERE - Watch past services on YouTube - Listen to Sermon audio


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