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  • Julia Barger

Godly Play Spring Update

Dear Trinity Family,

Blessed Holy Week! It has been a joy spending Sunday mornings with the children listening to the stories of the life of Jesus. In the Fireside Room we sit surrounded by various Godly Play stories and special worship pieces from the classrooms upstairs. When the story is finished I invite the children to choose something that reminds them of the story. Sometimes they bring wooden figures of Mary and Joseph, or a statue of praying hands, the Temple, gifts from the Magi, or the tree, serpent and Adam and Eve. They share about their choice and I thank them saying that we need each other to tell the whole story of Jesus. All of our voices matter whether we are 2 1/2 or 13 or 54!

We have also been working on the Liturgical church calendar, learning the different seasons and feast days. We remember we are preparing for mysteries each Advent and Lent, how Jesus came as a baby and how He died and rose again in a body! This week, one of the youngest exclaimed, "I can't believe we are almost ready to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!" in his three year old voice. I pray we are all filled with the wonder of Good Friday and Easter this year more than ever.

Last year (2020) my Sunday School class "buried Alleluias" (pieces of paper with the word Alleluia/Gloria) before Ash Wednesday with the plan to dig them up on Easter Sunday. On Sunday one student realized that they have not dug theirs up yet . . . they are still buried! I thought it was fitting considering our long "lent" and curious about what they will find when they dig into the earth.

We are excited to provide a few special activities for the children at the Feast this Sunday. Look for "Alleluia Butterflies" from Ash Wednesday, a journey to the "Empty Tomb" to hear the final part of the Faces of Easter story, and a huge Easter Egg hunt following the Feast. It looks to be a celebration to remember!

And for Easter season (Remember Easter lasts until Pentecost May 23rd!) . . .

Godly Play Upstairs Resumes!

April 11 - 25th, Godly Play will resume upstairs in two classrooms during the 9:15 - 10:20 am service. Here's the details

Two Classes:

Godly Play 1 - PK - 1st grade

Godly Play 2 - 2nd - 4th grade

Children will be dismissed after the confession and return during the peace for communion. Class sizes will be limited to follow Covid protocols (masks required). If your children would like to participate please register ASAP. Would you like to help with Godly Play? Check the box at the bottom of the registration form.

Godly Play Spring Term Registration As the mystery of resurrection happens all around us this spring, may we keep our eyes wide open to see the miracles saying, "The Lord is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!"

-- Julia Barger Children's Director


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