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Family Flourishing - Making it Through the Middle

Dearest Trinity Family,

When we began Drive-thru church, Father Matt invited the staff to predict when we might worship all together again. I hopefully (and naively) said Pentecost, May 31.

Last week was my hardest yet. I was antsy, distracted and anxious. Yesterday, during a Zoom meeting for the Rocky Mountain Diocese Children & Youth leaders, I discovered a reason for my anxiety. Wes Trevor (Wellspring Anglican in Englewood, CO) asked how we were doing now that we have hit the "midterm." 

Epiphany! I am HORRIBLE in the middle.

I start well, I end well and the middle I survive, often poorly. I realized this many years ago when I did the 22KM Hog Loppet cross country ski event between Mission Ridge and Blewett Pass.I was skiing with a friend who was GREAT in the middle. I was so thankful for her steady and encouraging presence. I know that if I want to be fully alive in this "midterm" I need others more than ever. I know that in the middle I need to admit my weakness and trust those who are strong. I was so grateful that God used a zoom meeting to help me understand my pain!   

I love this quote by Chuck DeGroat:

 "The beauty of lamenting your pain is that your cynicism is refined into grief, your scapegoating is refined into trust, your anxiety is refined into rest."

And as I lament our continuing separation, the Lord provides people to offer prayers, encouragement and a shoulder to rest on. We (Trinity Staff) are working on plans to keep us face to face to help each other through the months to come. I am excited about offering some upcoming Zoom groups, deliveringa bag of goodies to the Sunday School families in June, and hopefully keeping Family Camp on the calendar (Aug 14-16).

I am also grateful for the leadership from Bishop Ken as we discern our best plan to reunite. Here's an email he sent to all clergy about re-opening. (It’s in video form at the bottom of this email, if you prefer.)

As we lean into the Lord and one another let us say,

Trust in the Lord and we cannot be shaken because the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore. (Psalm 125)

Much Love,


And of course a few links!

  • Owl babies in the Window Box - A man marvels when an Eurasian Eagle owl nested in his third story apartment window box (subtitled).

  • Dancing dad and baby - my grown kids giggled at this video of a dad and baby delighting in each other.

  • Ascension and Pentecost - This Thursday is Ascension Day.  This Bible Project video is a great resource to learn about the time between the Resurrection and the early church.

  • Brene Brown - A helpful talk about settling in for the Coronavirus mid-term.

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