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Family Flourishing - Listening for Jesus' Invitation

Dearest Trinity Church,

I pray that in this third week in Easter you will sense the Lord's nearness as He walks with us through this unique time. I have been asking Jesus to reveal the invitation He has for me during this season of being away from the dear people I normally spend each week with (especially the children!). 

He is saying, "I am your invitation. Feast on me as I reveal myself through prayer (see "Litany of Trust" below), Seeking God's Face with my husband, the earth springing back to life, talking with neighbors, online communities including a weekly FaceTime call with mom and brothers, drive-thru church, essential workers and family and more.” 

I wonder how Jesus is inviting you to feast on Him in this unique Easter season?

Here are some links I have found helpful over the past few weeks:

Art and Theology - I really enjoyed the April 25 blog post.  There is a fun bedtime song for children near the end.

Grapes and Peas - Mac Meador offers a weekly Scripture song for kids.  (I really like his Lent/Easter album too)

Compline  - this site posts a new 10 minute prayer service each evening.  They are beautiful and restful.

The Chosen - a creative and relational telling of the life of Jesus in an eight episode series.  

Groundhogs and Gardens - a hilarious video of a relationship between a gardener and a groundhog (true story).

Deeply missing you,


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