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Family Flourishing Ideas #2

Dearest Trinity Families,  In Godly Play, Lent is a time to pray.  We pray for specific requests from the children as well as the needs of our community, country and the world.  This week, let's pray for some in our church who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19.  Elder care workers like Jessica Hall, police officers like Rick Mott and Nigel Hunter, doctors and nurses like Brian Bowe, Jonathan Briggs, Wes Whitson, Geoff Harms, Caryn Rumble, Daniel Starks, Jason Shattuck and Sarah Duffey, and grocery employees like Michael Imperato, Faith Moore and Karl Rowland.  This is just the beginning of a long list of those working face to face with our community. Keep saying "here we are" at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. ✅ One fun thing you can do with your family this week is...

  • Send Pastor Carson a 5-10 second video of

    • you saying, "Here I am... (fill in the blank)"

    • OR your family saying, "Here we are... (fill in the blank)"

You can be as creative, or simple, as you wish! He will edit them into a video so that we can be encouraged by hearing from one another in this time.

Film the video on your phone and text to: 509-881-7737

✅ You might also tune into the weekly Backyard Pilgrim Zoom call with Pastor Matt this Thursday night at 7:00 pm. Write a note of encouragement Below you will find contact info for our elders who might be confined to their rooms at their care centers.  This is a wonderful week to send a note, a drawing or an email message to cheer them up.

And a few links - - a very honest mother's prayer :) Kidtalk about COVID-19 - a great resource from national association of school psychologists Jesus Tree - an encouraging blog post with a fun family activity for the next two weeks. The Lord is with us! Julia Barger Children's Director P.S. - Check out the photos below from last year's Palm Sunday! We are having Drive-Thru Church again this Sunday and we will be giving out palm branches. Feel free to come anytime between 9-10:30am.

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