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Family Flourishing Ideas # 1

Below is a note from Julia Barger to follow up from Drive-Thru Church and to give your family a few key ideas to help you flourish in these weeks.

Dearest Trinity Family,

When I agreed to be the “Godly Play doorkeeper” for our Drive-Thru Church service I did not imagine the immense blessing I would receive.  On a typical Sunday I run upstairs right after the service to prepare for Sunday school.  Yesterday, I had the privilege and joy of greeting each of you by name, hearing you answer "The Lord be with you" with your beautiful “and also with you”, sharing about our past few weeks and then welcoming you into a “holy place” usually the Godly Play classroom but now our church parking lot!  We wondered how God would be close to you as you passed through each station and I prayed you would experience the love of God in this very unique way of being the church.  Thank you for your presence, your honesty, and your care.  

Here are a few ideas for your time together this week:

Zoo Virtual Tour - a daily animal update from the Cincinnati Zoo

Lunch Doodles - Spend lunch with children's author Mo Willems 

Teen Anxiety. - A great video resource from Axis 

Andrew Peterson nightly reading - Andrew Peterson is reading The Wingfeather saga aloud each night and posting it on his public Facebook Page.   You are in my heart and my prayers! Julia Barger

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