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Exile Letter from Kay

To the church at Trinity, from Kay, your fellow parishioner and intrepid Vestry member. Grace and peace!

I am exiled here on my own little island of Patmos, as Pastor Matt has called it, exiled by the three C’s: Covid, cancer, and chemo. Under strict doctor’s orders, I am forbidden from attending Bible study, prayer group, or any meetings in person, including church services. Due to chemo, my immunity is at zero, despite a Covid booster, so here I sit, exiled for six long months.When I first heard this news, I asked, Lord! How do I live a full, rich life with these restrictions? How do I maintain relationships? And I realized I am not the first involved Christian to be withdrawn from all that I had been called to. So how, then, do I live?

The Holy Spirit has been faithful to inspire me with ways to stay connected, to pray for others, to be productive, to contribute, to enjoy life, and to be thankful for every good gift of a day to be lived.

It was an unexpected spring and summer. Pain under the left rib turned out to be an enlarged spleen, which led to blood tests that revealed a marker for cancer. What! Cancer? Me? Really? I’ve always been healthy and active, with no family history of cancer. It was shocking and took weeks to sink in. Still seems hard to believe.

My thoughts turned to getting my financial affairs in order, sorting my files so my kids wouldn’t have to do it, preparing for a shorter life than I thought I would live. Who expects to receive a cancer diagnosis out of the blue? But here it was.

After months of waiting and doctors and tests and a second opinion, we finally got a diagnosis in August, six months after the first symptoms: splenic marginal zone lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer affecting just 1.3 people per million. So, yes, I am one in a million! Treatment: six months of a monoclonal antibody drug and chemo. This will “knock down” the cancer for some years, they say.

I’ve had my first treatment, second coming Tuesday, each one in the first week of the month. I’m feeling good, and after just one treatment, my spleen, which had grown to fill my abdomen, has shrunk to nearly normal size. Relief!

I will be praying for all of you and the life of the body while I am away. My goal is to stay connected as much as possible. So I may be calling you! Feel free to call or e-mail me with prayer requests or just to talk (509-881-1460 or I am missing you all and look forward to a joyous reunion in the spring!

Kay Andreini


Did you know that you're a Priest?

Did you know that there are more than two priests at our church? The Bible says in 1 Peter 2:9 that we are a "royal priesthood." That means that if you are part of Christ's body, you share in that calling!

Bishop Ken recently taught us about this glorious reality which has ancient roots.

Our friend Cliff Warner, the Rector at Christ Church in Austin, TX just published a list of 5 Books that Portray the Priesthood of All Believers.

And this song by Wendell Kimbrough and Sandra McCracken was just released today called "See How Good It Is (Psalm 133)." Kimbrough writes that Psalm 133 is not just about Aaron's ordination, but also "about our ordination as priests of God to the hungry, lonely world around us." Give it a listen!


Key Info for Church this Fall

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