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  • Carson Leith

Eastertide NEW Service Times ( Susannah)


Dear Trinity Church,

Greetings! Isn't it a great feeling to be in the first week of Eastertide? I am still savoring the joy of witnessing so many teams of people work together as the body of Christ during Holy Week. I was tempted to say that these teams worked so hard to "make Holy Week happen," but the truth of Holy Week is that God Himself walks the journey on our behalf. He "makes it happen." Our job is simply to participate in Him as he walks for us. He is the One leading the services, strengthening our teams, giving life to us as we trust in Him.

One of the gifts of Holy Week was that we welcomed Susannah Kellogg to our staff team as the Administrative Assistant. Praise the Lord! Susannah is skilled in finance and admin with a strong heart for people and ministry. This role will involve both administration and working with some Sunday teams, so we saw it as a great fit. Susannah is married to Nate and they have 3 boys. Her email is Please feel free to send her a note to welcome her.

Welcome Susannah Kellogg, our new Admin Assistant

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday, either at the 8am or the 9:15am. And a heads up: we'll have a tight window in between our services, so please follow me outside to the lawn for fellowship. Linger not! Same goes for the later service, because WBBC's service is at 11am and we need to be out of the building by 10:30am. Please join me in honoring them by taking our conversations outside.



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