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Backyard Pilgrims - The Word Is Spreading!

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Dear Trinity Church, All of us who had the privilege to see you face to face on Sunday agree that it was the highlight of our week! From Marc Barger inviting people to pray outside Methow Market for small businesses, to Rick Mott receiving goods for Serve Wenatchee's food bank, to Julia Barger's "The Lord be with you!", to people meditating with me on Simon helping Jesus carry His cross, to Matt handing out communion packs with Jeremiah's encouragement "Increase, do not decrease!" to Terry & Lauren praying with people, to Carson helping us send all our problems to the Cross, I am reminded that the liturgy invites us to PARTICIPATE actively. Thank you for engaging in the "work of the people" (the literal translation of "liturgy" in Greek) - and as we discover of all things God invites us to do, they turn out to be a gift to us as well. More than being our "work," liturgy is God's gift to us to help us step into action and faith in ways that are familiar, and always new. WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED:

  • Many of you mentioned your joy in staying connected to our Trinity family through Backyard Pilgrim together. We are going to set apart two evenings during the week to JOIN A TRINITY CHURCH GOOGLE HANGOUTS CONVERSATION (instructions to follow tomorrow) to discuss what you have been noticing about Scripture (Bible path) or your neighborhood/neighbors (Parish path). Tuesday & Thursdays, 7pm, will be an optional online way to see one another's faces, and share our pilgrimages. They will be recorded and available for you to watch later, if you missed them.

  • Keep saying "Here we are" at 9am and 6pm. I've got mine set hourly to say "Here I am ... (washing dishes ... feeling frustrated ... out for a walk ...)" but I love thinking of you and praying for you at 9am and 6pm. 

  • Say the "Our Father" every time you wash your hands. (I was saying "Here I am ... washing my hands again..." but Matt said that that meant I wasn't washing my hands long enough! So the "Our Father" is probably better :). On that note, I've been struck by how the "Our Father" immediately puts us back in touch with the body of Christ. It isn't "my private Father" but "Our Father." When I say this prayer, I start with my family, and move out to thinking of you - Trinity Church, to the wider body of Christ around the world. Just today, the pope called for all Christians around the world to pray for an end to the pandemic, and to say the Lord's Prayer together (at noon, Italy time). We missed it - but if God is eternal, I'm pretty sure you can still join with the communion of saints!

Finally, an editor from Christianity Today heard about Backyard Pilgrim and wanted to do an interview with Pastor Matt ("father father" - as known by our kids!) about how our church was able to stay connected - and go outdoors - during this pandemic. Here's the Christianity Today article to read all about yourselves. :)  If you missed Sunday's Liturgical Drive-Thru, I'm attaching the two liturgies that we included in the take-home communion pack: Trinity's Communion Liturgy, as well as the four "Daily Family Prayers" from the Book of Common Prayer. And below are multiple photos from the Drive-Thru.

Under the mercy of the great physician,

Julie Canlis

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