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Backyard Pilgrim Field Notes # 1

Where are you?

Backyard Pilgrim   Week 4 : Day 2  (Monday)

Today Carson and I took all the food, toilet paper, and donations you gave at Drive-Thru Church to the town Toyota Center. The ice rink is being transformed into the main distribution center for food banks in the region. Thom Nees of Serve Wenatchee also told me a special bus link will be set up for people without transport to visit the site. Thank you Trinity Church for giving generously and joyfully! 

I was moved to see all of you yesterday. I don’t think any of us realize how much we need God, each other, and whatever face to face interactions we can creatively navigate.  Keep reading Backyard Pilgrim, and please do call me with three minute voicemails of your favorite verse, or story from your parish walks. I will return every call within 24 hours. And let’s be sure to stop and pray at 9 AM, and 6 PM daily. These rhythms will keep us in step with the Holy Spirit and with one another.  

Let’s keep walking.

Yours in Christ, Father Matt


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