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  • Matt Canlis

"Back to School" with Pastor Matt & Sara Bowe

Dear Trinity Church,

Last Sunday we had 33 people on the reservation wait list for church. Saturday night I did my best to jockey the different chairs into various alignments to fit the most people, but even our balcony could not accommodate those wanting to come. Thank you to everyone for your patience, your resilience, and your longing to worship God together. Here’s the good news: Starting Feb 7, we will host two worship services. Reservations are still required so we can set up Saturday night, and please look for our team of greeters and McAlister Sunday morning to help guide you to your transient pew! (See below for update on our livestream service)

As our children start returning to the classroom, I want to invite all of Trinity Church “Back to School” as well. Do you have a hard time reading the Bible? Have you ever wondered how Jesus read His Bible? Come and see how the first Christians read the Bible and how we can recover the art of hearing and seeing what God says. My class will be called The Burning Word, and it’s based on a book you can pick up at church this Sunday.

Many of you know Sara Bowe as a beloved teacher for many years at Bible Study Fellowship. What you may not know is that Sara just finished a Master’s degree in theology at Whitworth University, and I want us to benefit from what she’s learned. I’ve asked Sara to distill Dr. James Edwards's class on Luke’s Gospel for any student-at-heart who wants to learn how Jesus brought outsiders into God’s family.

I still marvel at everything God has done this year to turn our church (and hearts) inside-out, to let out-siders in. I am actually a bit nervous about what this will mean! But this is the kind of work Jesus specialized in doing in the Gospels, and is still doing today. I doubt Jesus is hoping we return to “church as normal.” I believe Jesus will lead us to follow him into the “new thing” the Father is doing, by the Holy Spirit’s power.

Let’s keep learning and growing together.

Your fellow student,

Pastor Matt


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