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Autumn's exciting line up

Today's note is from our new Worship Director, Julie Canlis

Dear Trinity Family,

We are very excited about this year's speaker for Family Camp, because he is both a friend of the Leiths and Canlises (a professor from Regent College days, and a co-founder of The Abbey School in Scotland) and he happens to be an amazing biblical teacher. At Regent, I remember people taking his very blandly titled course called "Theology of the Old Testament" and coming out shocked that grace is the story not just of the New Testament, but of the Old Testament as well!

Iain Provan's superpower is grasping the big picture of the Old and New Testaments together - communicating it in such a way that we feel we are on familiar territory, but that something new has shifted within us. Given Matt and Carson's recent series on Scripture and how to read it, Iain is a wonderful complement to this emphasis -- and will also help kick off this year's sermon series on the "overarching narrative" of Scripture. Register here for the Oct 11-13 weekend.

Bruce Waltke will be preaching at Matt and Carson's ordination, and has been known by the Canlises since their first year of marriage when he was their Old Testament professor at Regent College. I remember that attending his classes was worth it simply for the prayer he prayed before class, because one always felt that they were on holy ground. But our church's relationship with Bruce goes back to Steve Voorhies, who had Bruce as a Bible Teacher when Steve was discerning whether to be a doctor or a missionary ... you'll have to ask him for the story! Bruce is not only an internationally respected Old Testament professor (and helped translate the Hebrew for the NIV), but has been on a similar journey as Trinity Church - as later in life, he became ordained as an Anglican priest. He now serves at Advent Anglican Church in Bellevue, which belongs to our diocese!

Anticipating all of these amazing things in the next few weeks... Julie

P.S. - The roadmap for the next couple of weeks is below! Get your calendars out and make sure to scroll through this email with a cup of coffee and sign up for anything you haven't already registered for!


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