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  • Julie Canlis

Ashes to Ashes...

On Ash Wednesday, we remembered our mortality.

The Ukrainians were experiencing theirs.

("Attack" by Danylo Muvchan - Ukrainian iconographer - commemorating the maternity ward bombing)

Dear Trinity,

As Lent has begun in earnest in our hearts, it has been a reality for those in the Ukraine. The prayer of Pope Francis a few days ago has been very powerful for my prayer and meditation - "Forgive us, Lord, if we continue to kill our brother, if we continue like Cain to dig up stones from our field to kill Abel. ... And when you have stopped the hand of Cain, take care of him too. He is our brother." Here is a PDF of the prayer for you to meditate on, or pray at mealtimes.

Our Lent too has begun, under the pall of these events. Beginning with Brad Jersak's lecture to our Ash Wednesday service, we have entered the season of Lent. We refrain from saying "Aleluia" - in honor of Christ's death, and those in the Ukraine. The colors have changed from the green of Ordinary Time to the serious color of purple, and subverted notions of kingship and authority. We no longer sing the "Gloria" but instead "By His Wounds" - put it in your Lenten playlist.

I'd like to direct you to two things I'm involved in that might help your Lenten meditations:

The first is this article in Christianity Today - which began (a few years ago in my mind) as a reflection on the new multi-billion dollar industry of "Self Care." I finally published it this year, in the context of Lent and how Lent invites into a different kind of Self Care.

Second, you are welcome to watch a discussion I am moderating on Monday morning (10am PST / 1pm EST) on Mortality and death, with my good friend Dr. Farr Curlin who directs the Medical Ethics Center at Duke. It is part of a series that the Anglican Diocese of Christ our Hope (North Carolina) is hosting for priests and laypersons on theological issues pertaining to what it means to be human ... death being something common to us all. This is why Jesus entered into death - because it is the one common denominator of humanity. His death impacts us all, and also gives the Christian a unique narrative as we face our own mortality and that of those we love. We will be covering a theology of death, but also the Christian narrative of "dying well" (what is our vocation as we age and face death?) compared to the secular narrative of "a good death" (meaning suffering is bad, losing control is bad, and we should seek to end it with as little taste of death as possible ...) We also are discussing issues of cremation, palliative medicine vs. hospice, how to visit the sick, ordinary vs. extraordinary care, hope, etc.

May the Lord guide us all as we seek to understand him in what he faced as he looked toward Jerusalem, and as we face the same in ourselves. And I close with these incredible words of George Herbert, from his poem "Time" in which he says that, before Christ, death could only be seen as "an executioner at best" but now, from the perspective of Christ, death has become "a gardener now, and more ..."

In the hands of our good gardener,



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In our Church & Parish

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  • Sat, MARCH 26 // Taste and See Art Experience @ Pybus Market

  • A few artists from Trinity (Jim Moore, Claudia & Keith Wiggins, Steve Voorhies) are showcasing their work in this event to benefit Real Options Women's Clinic. More info and registration here!


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