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  • Julie Canlis

Announcing: The Church Year Lecture Series

Dear Trinity Church,

Monday was All Saints Day - the day that we celebrate the fact that there are those who have come before us and who are now unseen among us who point us to God's unimagined possibilities in this dark world. One of my theologian-friends has just written a wonderful article on All Saints Day, and I encourage you to read it because he will be speaking to us in person about ADVENT on December 8. In this article, he compares many theologians' perspectives on "the saints" and closes by drawing our attention to the fact that we are part of this communion of wounded people, who are privileged to bear Christ's wounds. Here is a sample from this article:

"The collect for All Saints’ Day directs us to praise God for having “knit together your elect in one communion.” It also directs us to petition God for the grace “to follow your blessed saints in all virtuous and godly living, that we may come to those ineffable joys that you have prepared for those who truly love you.” If we take seriously what Rahner and Clément said about the saints, we cannot help but think of that knitting as a being wound together by the Spirit in a shared woundedness. And God’s wounds, thankfully, are not like ours. As Dickinson knew, our wounds, if not quickly noticed and tended to, soon swallow us up and drink us down. Christ’s wounds keep us alive."

Mark your calendars because we will be hosting three public lectures on the Liturgical Year:

  • Julie Canlis: This Wednesday November 10 at 7pm, I will be speaking about how the Church Calendar invites us on a deeper journey into becoming human, because it is a deeper journey into the one who became human for us.

  • Chris Green (author of the above article, who is Professor of Theology at Southeastern University). He will be speaking on December 8 about Advent.

  • Brad Jersak (Dean of Theology & Culture, at St Stephens University, Canada) will be speaking on Lent on February 23, 2022.

Following the first lecture on Nov 10th (which will last from 7-7:40pm), we will be moving to the newly opened WATERMILL WINE BAR for Q&A and celebration and deep conversation. (Thank you Watermill for generously offering your tasting room!) This is the first fundraiser for the Evensong Girls who will be heading to Europe this summer!

Check out this amazing news:

Our experimental Evensong Choir has been invited to Britain to open a new pilgrimage route in Herefordshire (along the border of England and Wales). As you know, our choir began this June 2021 as a way to celebrate the end of Covid, bring a group of unusually talented teenagers together, and give the gift of ancient chanting and classical music to our parish community (anyone hear it being broadcast live from the tower yet?!)

This summer, a new pilgrim path connecting ancient parish churches & traditional holy sites is being opened to the British public to walk. We have been asked to "open" this route by walking 10 miles by day, and singing it into being with Evensong services at night. We will also be attending an international singing and prayer camp in the village of Taize, France.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GO ON THIS ADVENTURE! These teens will be working hard fundraising through singing, car-washing, babysitting, and more. Please join us for our first fundraiser following my lecture, at Watermill Winery where you can "donate" and enjoy wine and light snacks, and continue the discussion.

In anticipation and joy!


Advent is Coming November 28

Did you know Trinity Church offers resources to celebrate Advent at home? If you are new to Advent or have long appreciated the church year season to help prepare for the great mystery of "God with us," we invite you to sign up for "Advent in Bag."

Please sign up by November 14 to receive your supplies & instructions to make an Advent Wreath, Christ Candle and other fun resources. Bags will be ready November 21 & 28 for pick up at the church. ($5-$10/bag suggested donation).

Bulletin Board

Jose & Julie: Looking for House to Rent

Jose and Julie Solano (whom Fr. Matt just married) are looking for a house to rent with at least 4 rooms. Preferably in East Wenatchee. Got any leads? Please contact Jose at (509) 860-2799 or Julie at (509) 741-0066.

From Wes Whitson: Anyone interested in learning New Testament Greek?

"I have been planning to teach my kids, and figured I might as well open up the opportunity to people at church as well. This will be a high school+ level foreign language type class, with lots of memorizing and old school grammar lessons. Given the subject, we will also get to discuss history, theology, philosophy, linguistics, and all those other things that go into understanding the New Testament as we read it. This is not a “Greek light” course - the goal is that after enough time and practice you will be able to read the New Testament in the original language.

Materials will probably run about $250. There will be book work, videos, and in person sessions probably once a week. We will plan to start in January and do one semester then. We would then have the opportunity to do another semester in the fall if it goes well. Anyone interested please let me know so I can start planning. Very motivated junior highers on up to retirees are appropriate." —Wes


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