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Godspeed Bible Study

What is a Godspeed Bible Study? 

A team of Film Directors seeing God’s Word.  🎬

Remember . . .
1.  You are a TEAM.
2.  You are a team of FILM DIRECTORS.
3.  You are a team of film directors SEEING GOD’S WORD,
    unfolding the SCRIPT one visual scene at a time.
Facilitators . . .
1.  READ OUT LOUD each small portion of the Script, usually twice.
2.  Give a PREGNANT PAUSE (9 seconds) after each small portion
    to let people IMAGINE what they’ve just heard.
3.  To break the silence, ALWAYS ASK: What do you see?
4.  SOMETIMES ASK: Imagine, or guess what happens next?
5.  READ OUT LOUD the next small portion of the Scriptures.
6.  At the end of this week’s Script, ask people:
  “What was your FAVORITE SCENE, and WHY?”

It is essential that if you know what happens next, don’t blurt it out! Wait to see what people imagine might happen, and how the Spirit creatively unfolds the drama one step at a time.  I want to teach our church this method because I believe it will be a powerful tool both for our own discipleship in Christ, and for inviting new people to come and see Jesus.

Your fellow student,

Pastor Matt

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