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The Backyard Pilgrimage continues...


Sunday, March 22. Come anytime between 9-10:30am.


Do not come to church the usual way. See the map below.

We are making a one-way system where you drive south on Methow, then take a right up Peachy, then take a right into the exit of the parking lot.


   - food donations to drop off with Julia Barger at station #1.

   - tithes you would regularly give (also at station #1, or give online)

   - a prepared prayer request for our 2 min prayer station!

What to Expect:

As you'd imagine, you won't need to get out of your car for Drive-Thru Church. In the parking lot, there will be 5 stations (2 minutes per station). At each stop, someone from our team will lead you through an essential part of the regular Sunday liturgy.


We'll give your car a sanctified (and sanitary!) communion pack to take home, along with a simple liturgy to accompany it. At the last station, you are free to go on your way.


From the time you arrive at the first station to the time you leave the parking lot, we expect for it to take 10 minutes.

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