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Thursday Nights

8pm on Zoom

Recorded Camp

We had to cancel our regular camp gathering at Tall Timber, but our Trinity Camp Speaker Ken Robertson is still willing to stay up late and teach us live from his home on Zoom, Thursday nights at 8pm. Ken is the lead pastor of International Anglican Church in Colorado Springs. Before coming to your Sunday morning group, please listen to Ken teaching on “The Gospel & Politics.”



Camp Session 1 // Thurs, Aug 6
Rekindling Our Hope for a Redeemed Politic

Camp Session 2 // Thurs, Aug 13
Remembering the Church is the Hope of the World

Camp Session 3 // Thurs, Aug 20
Living Faithfully in a Foreign Land

Camp Session 4 // Thurs, Aug 27

Loving Your Neighbor Through the Democratic Process

Pastor Ken Robertson

“The Gospel & Politics”

There doesn’t seem to be much good news in the realm of politics these days: division and fear are tearing the nation - and the church - apart. But according to the Scriptures and deep streams within church history, the gospel of Jesus is also good news for our politics. 

There is a way out of our partisan rancor and disillusionment, but it is the way of a kingdom and a King: and it universally stretches imaginations and challenges assumptions. Join us as we journey through the Trinity, the Flood, Romans, Revelation, justice, the common good, empire, the end times, and much more to rediscover how the kingdom of God is truly good news: even for weary Americans in the 21st century.

Sunday Mornings

9am in Backyards

For the 5 Sundays in August, we’ll gather outside in each other’s backyards. Our team has already placed you in a small group that meets near your home.

Always outside, at 6 feet of distance, you’ll discuss Pastor Ken’s teaching, share stories, and pray together before receiving communion in hygienicly prepared lunch bags for each household.

August at a Glance

Backyard Social // Sun, Aug 2

Get acquainted

Backyard 1 // Sun, Aug 9

Discuss Session 1

Backyard 2 // Sun, Aug 16

Discuss Session 2

Backyard 3 // Sun, Aug 23

Discuss Session 3

Backyard 4 // Sun, Aug 30

Discuss Session 4


Sample Schedule

9:00 Arrive & Socialize (w. masks)


9:15 Host leads discussion


9:45 Personal stories, testimonies, prayer requests

10:00 Short liturgy, prayer and communion (without masks & with young children)


10:15   Backyard Service ends

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